Friday, September 27, 2013

Things I'd Like to Do, But I'm Making No Promises

A Large Slice Please
 Relyn at Come Sit By My Fire has posted a list of 43 things she'd like  to do before her next birthday (this is her 43rd) and it's a great list.  As my birthday is tomorrow I thought I might come up with a list too, but not something for each year, I'm way too old and it would take more than a year to complete.  So I'll keep it simple and Mac will be helping me with some of them.

In the next year I want to:

•  Raft down the Grand Canyon, not white water, just a boat ride.

•  Visit the beaches of Normandy

•  Actually sew a dress well enough for it to be worn--I  use to make a lot of my own clothes, but I got out of the habit and now I don't sew as well

•  Get some work down on my family scapbook--this has been lingering forever, I'm beginning to feel   guilty

•  Take more pictures of our family--I take lots of pictures of places

•  Finish the crocheted throw I've been working on for months

•  Plant more roses

•  Finally master playing Pacibel's Canon in D

•  Ride on a steam train

•  On open garden day visit some of the gardens in Savannah

•  Tell my family how much I love them. can't say it enough

•  Paint more pictures, I get so lazy about this

•  Make the quilt that I've had cut out for 9 months

•  Read more nonfiction

•  Take more day trips, we've gotten very lazy

•  Listen to Mac play his guitar, he plays so well and too often I just listen with one ear

•  All aches and pains aside, enjoy how healthy I am

•  Get outside more, heat and all

•  Each day to remember how lucky I am to have the life I  have


  1. Happy Birthday, Janet! :)

    I like your list ... lots of good ideas there. Here's hoping they are all fulfilled in the year ahead.

  2. Surprising the number of these that I also want to do. It's a good idea to make a list. I might do it myself, your list has inspired me.

    Oh, and a very Happy Birthday!

  3. Sounds like a do-able list. Hope you get to do them all.


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