Saturday, September 14, 2013

New Carpet

The plan this week was to head into town and get some estimates on new carpet for our stairs (YEAH!), landing and the 2 bedrooms upstairs, but as we headed out on our morning walk Monday we saw that our neighbor across the street was having new carpet put in so we stopped to talk with her. She highly recommended the company doing her carpets, said she'd gotten a lot of estimates and theirs was the best, so we asked them to come and give us an estimate.
Well the estimate was more than fair, but after some pondering (I'd been kicking this idea around for awhile) we decided not to carpet the stairs again.  Instead we'll rip out the existing carpet, sand down the stairs and stain them all the way across.  Currently they only have stain on the sides where there's no carpet.  I'm pleased with this idea, no more vacuuming stairs, no more cleaning carpet on my hands and knees.
The price quoted to us included moving the furniture, tearing out the out carpet and hauling it away.  But in order to speed things along we carried all the smaller stuff out of the rooms, this included a ton of books.  Boy what a hot, sweaty job.
So we had to be up by 7 this morning, I know this doesn't sound early to many of you, but since retiring,  9 is a lot closer to getting up time than 7 is .  The work is supposed to take 2 days, but I'm hoping with us moving a lot of the stuff out they'll be done sooner.
By golly, they got it done in about 6 hours and it looks great.


  1. Great choice on the no carpet. At least, that's what I think. Happy weekend, friend.

  2. The sanded down, stained wood is a great idea, no more vacuuming!


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