Thursday, September 5, 2013


Still missing, if found  please return.  Another talk with Delta today and they admitted that until we file the formal lost bag claim, which we can't do until tomorrow, they really can't talk to Iberia.  Iberia has been informed that it is missing and their "delayed" baggage page admits this, but that's it.
Yesterday I made out a list of everything that I could remember was in it.
We have been told that we are getting a refund on our tickets, minus the expense of flying us to Atlanta and back, but that takes a while too.
And in spite of this can you believe we're actually planning another trip?


  1. I hope they'll find it soon. How very frustrating!

    And I can understand the planning of another trip. Travel is fun, even when things get misplaced. :)

  2. Just read your sad tale. I do hope they find your bag.


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