Sunday, November 26, 2017

Mighty Tasty

As good as the Cornish Game Hens were on Thanksgiving I think today's meal was even better.  We had braised lamb shanks with a brown gravy served over mashed potatoes.  It was delicious, could have swam in that sauce.
Another beautiful day here in the swamp, near 70º and a bright blue sky.  Perfect autumn weather.  Did our walk first thing this morning  and watched the leaves finally starting to fall.
Lots of football, yeah Atlanta, good game.  And it looks like Oakland might beat Denver, double yeah, hate Denver, love to watch them lose.
Need to start getting organized for Christmas, I have my cards, but not one addressed yet.  All my gifts to be mailed are here and need to be wrapped.  We have a short trip to New York City coming up and I'll really have to get going on things when we get back.
Hope you too had a great weekend.


  1. I always think of Christmas cards at the last minute. It's like I don't know Christmas falls on December 25 every year.

    Have fun in New York City!

  2. Looks delicious@ Never made much lamb; might have to change that in the new year.


  3. I have never tasted lamb. I asked at the grocery store if they had it...yes frozen cause they don't get much call for it. You plate looks yummy! :0

  4. Those lamb shanks and mashed potato look good.

  5. That does look delicious, I love lamb. Daniel's girlfriend is from Denver so they're her team, there's always a bit of rivalry between them as Daniel supports New England.

  6. That food would suit me right now. I love brown gravy as well.

  7. I refuse to start any Christmas stuff until the Thanksgiving weekend is over. Unless of course I see something any time of the year that I just have to get someone for a gift!
    We are in the upper 60s and sunny and I just love it, too. It still makes it hard for me to realize Christmas is just around the corner without snow and cold, though.

  8. I love lamb. Lamb shank/Osso Buco style. Your dinner looks so lovely. Now I want lamb for dinner !
    I am finishing my card right now but still need to get it to the printer.
    So late with them.
    Despise Oakland and do not like Denver. Old Green Bay Packers fan.

    cheers, parsnip and mandibles

  9. Lamb shanks do make a tasty meal ...

    I've got my Christmas cards but still need to write them ...

    All the best Jan


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