Saturday, November 25, 2017

Saturday in the Swamp

Cold night in the 30's, beautiful day near 70º.  Putting Fall/Thanksgiving decorations up, getting  ready for Christmas.  Got our first Christmas card yesterday from Mac's elegant cousin Isabel.  In her 80's and still travels the world, has visited far more places than we have.
Made bread this morning and then a pot of bean and bacon soup, that's to go with the Leek Frittata I'm making for lunch.
We're still eating on the Cornish Hens I cooked for Thanksgiving, can't believe how much meat was on them.  Tomorrow I'm going to make them into chicken and rice soup.
Watched Guardians of The Galaxy 2 last night and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Love little Groot.
Reading a semi-nonfiction book called Rocket Boys by Homer Hickman.  It's the first in a trilogy about his life growing up in Coalwood, West Virginia the son of a coal mine and how he developed an interest in rockets.  That was to eventually lead him to NASA.  He says in the preface that it's mostly true, including the names, but some characters have been consolidated and events a bit out of sequence, so it's mostly nonfiction with a little fiction thrown in.  It was made into a movie in the 90's called October Sky which is an anagram of Rocket Boys.  I'm quite enjoying it, amazing what you can accomplish if you try hard enough.
I'm also reading A Visit From the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan, winner of the 2011 Pullitzer Prize.  It's 13 interlocking stories.  I like it, but I don't love it.  Hasn't made me want to go looking for more books by the author.
Also reading a science fantasy book,   Oath Bringer by Brandon Sanderson.  This is the 3rd in a planned 10 part book series.  Don't know if I'll live long enough to finish it, probably have to write the author a begin letter to let me know how it ends.
That's my Saturday, hope you're having a good one.


  1. Hello. Sounds like you're having a lovely day. We're going Christmas tree shopping later this afternoon. I saw that movie October Sky and I ask remember parts of it. It is quite an amazing story of a group of boys from a tiny little place in the US. I admire how you can read multiple books at the same time. Enjoy your weekend, Pat xxx

  2. Your post is so peaceful, filled with home things. And the painting for your header--I love it. Leek fritatta sounds delicious.

  3. I have our book club Wednesday. This month's work is an unrealistic little novel, Looking for Me. It could have been so good had the author researched her subject. Need to go for a new book club, I think.

  4. I remember that movie! Always wondered why they named it that name. It was a good movie. Amazing how much stretch there is in those Cornish Hens.

  5. I love your post today. A lovely day at the swamp.
    Just nice.

    cheers, parsnip

  6. Mac's cousin Isabel is early with her cards. I don't usually receive any until we're well into December and I'm usually at the last minute sending mine out.

  7. I agree with Granny about your posts. They are very inviting.

  8. You have been busy in the kitchen, leek frittata sounds good and homemade bread too:)

  9. Busy yet a peaceful day you had.. hugs!!

  10. Oh, that leek frittata sounds good! We just finished our leftovers with today's lunch. Now I'm making turkey noodle soup for dinner, then we're done with all of it. Sob.

  11. Leek Frittata, is one of my favourites! Yummy!

    All the best Jan


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