Monday, November 30, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

April and I got the tree decorated and I've started decorating the rest of the house.   Mac, as always hauled the tree in, attached the stand, tied it to the wall (see earlier notes on cats and Christmas trees) and put the angel on top.  He also found the power cord for the lights.  Then we got to work.  While I was fixing dinner she also  put together my Gingerbread house.  Swearing all the time she had not handicraft skills she did a great job on it.
All the Christmas bears and critters have come out of their boxes, I particularly enjoy the cow that moos a Christmas song.  The stockings are hung, but not stuffed.  My next project will be to 
start wrapping packages and I'm so not good at it.
It was wonderful having April here, I really miss having her to do things with.  When people ask me if I had a good Christmas or Thanksgiving I always say that if our daughter comes then it was a good holiday.

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