Wednesday, November 4, 2009


My neighbors are putting up Christmas decorations!  It's bad enough when the stores do it before Halloween, but now my neighbors are putting them up the day after Halloween.  I remember when stores first started putting decorations up  before Thanksgiving and people complained, is putting them up before Labor Day coming?
I absolutely refuse to put Christmas decorations up till after Thanksgiving, of course then I go hog wild, but that's a different story. 
I've been surveying my  family to find out what they want to eat for Thanksgiving (it's down to ham or prime rib, we're not a turkey family), not what they want for Christmas.
My house was decorated for Halloween, now all the little "scare" bears are put up, but the autumn/Thanksgiving things are up till the end of the month.  I LOVE Christmas, I love buying for others and watching their faces as they open their presents, I love the smell of Christmas, I love the feelings that Christmas brings and having my family together, but I refuse to be rushed into it.
So thank you to all the Veterans out there who've served our country, including my husband, be careful that you don't get ran over in the rush to Christmas.

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