Friday, November 27, 2009

Let Christmas Begin...

Thanksgiving was wonderful, we had prime rib and it melted in your mouth.  Though April's plane was more than 4 hours late, fog in Virginia--she was flying from Dulles--, she arrived safe and sound and we stuffed ourselves and watched really bad football games and great Mythbusters.
But Thanksgiving is over and Christmas begins, not just 12 days, but lots and lots of days.  I love Christmas I love buying presents, wrapping them, watching my family open them in delight, dismay, shock or awe.  I love Christmas carols and the story of Christmas.  I love the smell of Christmas, the colors, Christmas trees with packages underneath.
I don't do Black Friday, except online, but we'll be off tomorrow to shop and get a Christmas tree.  We always have a real tree, I know I could save a lot of money if I'd just break down and buy an artificial one and they have some gorgeous ones, but I love the smell of a real one.  This will be the first time in about a million years that I'll have April here to help decorate it.  When she was growing up it was always she and I who did the decorating.  Mac drags it in, I always get a huge one,  secures it to the wall--cats you know always want to climb your tree-- and places the angel on top, that's his job, the rest is mine and now I have my favorite assistant to help  me.
I have on the first of my many Christmas sweatshirts, so let Christmas begin!

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