Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's Been Funghi

Mac went out and took a load of pictures of the mushrooms growing in our yard yesterday..  Now I don't want to say we've had a wet year, like h**l I don't,--it's been wetter than h**l this year, the ground never dries out-- and  our backyard is beginning to resemble a funghi smorgasbord.  
I like eating mushrooms, fresh or from a can, but I would never eat a wild one, even after reading about which ones are safe and which are poisonous and looking at about a  million pictures I still think I 'll leave them to the squirrels.  I know that deaths head are the worst, but to me they just look like mushrooms.  Mac says he doesn't think we have any poisonous ones and truth to tell I haven't seen any dead squirrels with bits of mushrooms clinging to their paws, but I rather be safe than sorry.

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