Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Almost ...

Thanksgiving tomorrow.  I like Thanksgiving, always have.  It's the time of year when, to me, things slow down, just before they go racing off to Christmas and New Year's. I love the colors of Thanksgiving, the browns, yellows and oranges, all the colors I can't wear (they make me look too weird) but I can decorate the house with.  I like cooking a feast and sharing memories of Thanksgiving past, of drinking a toast to family and absent friends. 
 For many years it has just been Mac and me for dinner, but last year April, our daughter, started coming again and that makes it even more special.  For many years she spent Thanksgiving with friends.  I've always tried to not be a nagging Mom or dump guilt on her about family, so though we missed her very much we never said anything about her coming to us instead.  And then last year her plans changed and she came, and though we all got sicker than dogs, no it was not food poisoning, it was so good to have her here.  She'll be in tomorrow morning just in time to devil the eggs.  Having her here is one of the things I'm most thankful for.  That and the boatload of food and football games, can't get too mushy!

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  1. I'm glad April is coming to be with you. Shea can't make it this year, and I'm kinda bummed. Happy Thanksgiving, dear friend. I so want to see you soon.


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