Saturday, November 7, 2009

Quality Control

Several months ago we bought a new Sony CD/DVD player to use with our upstairs tv, but we didn't open it right away.  Well this week, as we put our Bonus Room back together we got the new player out of the box and set it up, very slim and modern looking.  Only one problem, there was no remote with it.  I figure someone forgot to put it in the box when it was shipped from the factory, Mac figures someone lifted it from the box, but then he's much less trusting of his fellow man than I am. 
 It has been so long since we bought it that neither of us could remember where we bought it, either Walmart or AAFES (Army PX).  If we could find the receipt on it that would tell us, and we do save  all receipts like that,  we just don't save them all in the same place.  So instead of fighting with a store about something we'd bought months ago I contacted and they had loads of remotes, all I had to do was give the model number of my missing remote in order to buy a replacement.  But of course I don't have the model number, so I sent them an e-mail, and in less than a day I had a model number, which of course matched none of the remotes on their website.  So I ended up doing business the old fashioned way, I called, placed my order and in a week to 10 days we'll have a remote.  In the mean time it's like old timey days, we operate the DVD by hand, how quaint.

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