Friday, November 6, 2009


The bonus room is done, except for putting stuff back in it, and that's going to be a long process because what was in there doesn't fit any more.  We've taken out the entertainment center that housed our old tv and about a million books  and all that stuff has been dumped, and I do mean dumped, into the two upstairs bedrooms.  
I've spent the morning cleaning out a closet in one of the spare bedrooms and attempting to move some of the books into there.  The plan is to buy some cheap, really cheap, bookcases, put them into the closets and store the books there.  In the mean time I can't stand looking at the bedrooms, and our daughter is coming for Thanksgiving, so I'm hiding books, and a ton of other stuff. 
Both rooms look like an explosion took place.
We have a 32 inch tv, small refrigerator, and a microwave all looking for a new home .... SOON!

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