Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday, Monday ...

It's a beautiful Monday in the neighborhood (with apologies to Mr.Rogers).  We didn't get up till 9, though we heard our neighbors all leaving for work much earlier.  It's partly cloudy, big fluffy clouds in a high, blue sky.  I'm retired now and have the time to appreciate mornings finally.  I've never been a morning person, hate alarm clocks and would have taught Elementary Night School if there had been such a thing.
But now I wake up, have coffee and toast in front of my computer, instead of standing at the kitchen counter and trying to curl my hair and sip a bit of coffee.  After checking to see that the government hasn't completely given the country away I wandered off to the kitchen, searched for the cookbook that goes with my breadmaker (Mac finally found it shoved away in a corner of a rather obscure---meaning I don't use it for much---cupboard), and made some chocolate chip/walnut zucchini bread.
While that was cooking we went for our 2 mile walk through our neighborhood enjoying the antics of squirrels and the smell of fall.  Coming back to our house I noticed that I should probably give the lawn one more mowing before we put the mower away for the winter.
Now I'm eating my warm zucchini bread and thinking life is grand.  Do I miss working?  Yeah, about like a fish would miss his bicycle.

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