Friday, November 13, 2009

Fighting With the Classics

For the last week or so I have been fighting with Pachebel, in particular with his Canon in D.  It's not that I haven't played it before, oh so slowly, it's that I've decided that it's time I began to learn it properly.  I don't mean memorize, I don't memorize anything, I'm too old and too lazy.  What I mean is that I'll learn the pattern of it so I can play it smoothly and not need to read every single note because I'll know what's coming next.
Well the bass part was easy and the treble coordinates well (which means my brain likes the pattern) with it.  My problem is the finger extension required.  I have little stubby hands with even smaller stubby fingers.  I can reach the notes but my fingers aren't yet comfortable doing so.  That's why instead of playing Pachebel we've been fighting and that's a shame because I think this is such an incredibly beautiful piece of work.  It was originally written for 3 violins and it is wonderful when played by them.  The strings draw the notes out so much longer.
But I'll keep plugging away and maybe my cat will stop moaning when I play it for the 19th time in a row.

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