Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fourth of July

Yeah! It's the Fourth of July! Dogs will be eaten and fireworks will be exploded. Don't know how the cat feels about all of this but I'm doing my viewing from my swimming pool, which will be sprayed for flying critters. No more wasp stings, ended up at Urgent Care yesterday.
I remember a 4th of July at my Grandparent's place in Oklahoma, Dad had bought a bunch of fireworks in Missouri on our way there (I guess fireworks were banned in Oklahoma or at least those with enough gunpowder to make them really interesting). So we sat on the wraparound porch and watched my Dad light up the sky, I probably wasn't more than 10 but I remember it still.
Mac says he remembers his brother Ron and cousin Sharon buying fireworks in Tijuana, Mexico ( where they sell serious fireworks) and sneaking them back across the border where they proceeded to blow up everything.
So we'll be doing the Red, White and Blue proud tonight!

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