Friday, July 24, 2009

Confederate Rose

Operating on Mac's theory that if I plant enough flowers in my garden they will eventually choke out the weeds, I've bought a bunch of plants lately. I've put in loads more Zinnias because they take care of themselves, even seeding themselves for next year, a pink Coneflower, a Florida Sunset plant, and a beautiful blue Plumbago. I had a couple of those (the Plumbagos) but I planted them in the shade and I've found out since they need full sun, so fingers crossed this time. One on the most spectacular plants we've bought is the Confederate Rose. It's known by a lot of other names, Cotton Rose for example, but I like its more Southern name. It's actually not a rose but a very hardy Hibsicus. It likes acidic soil so it ought to be happy here. They say if you plant it in the yard it is very invasive and that's alright with me. I like plants that take over. Right now we've got it in a big pot on the patio, but I plan on taking cuttings from it this fall and planting them in the yard. It likes full sun, but can still grow in partial shade. If it freezes (and it does do that here occasionally) they suggest that you cut it back to about 4 inches above the ground and it will grow out again.
Needs to be fertilized about 4 times a year w
hich is not too bad. And you can grow new ones from seeds or cuttings. It wasn't a cheap plant so I like the idea that I can grow new ones on my own.

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