Thursday, July 16, 2009


We're headed to Atlanta to meet our daughter April, she's flying in from Baltimore and we're driving up from here. It's her birthday tomorrow, won't tell you which one, and we're "doin' " Atlanta.
She's our only child and she is more than anyone could hope for.
I remember the morning she was born, she was so tiny, less than 5 pounds. She was born in Bad Kreuznach, Germany where Mac was stationed in the Army. I had wanted a little boy so I could have a little Mac, but we had April instead and I'm so glad. I always said that she was so wonderful that if we had another child I'd want another girl just like her.
She was so easy going as a child, taught herself to read at 3, thought her Dad could fix anything, and wrote wonderful stories featuring a pencil.
When other people complained about their kids all I could do was smile because I knew we had the very best.
I doubt she's perfect, though at times I think she is, but there isn't a thing I'd change about her.
I wish she lived closer, her being on the East Coast is one of the reasons we moved back to Georgia.
She's in the process of trying to get a job with the U.S. Consular Service and I'm torn about it. I'd like her to get a job she really wants, but I'm afraid she'll be sent some place where we'll never be able to see her.
So Happy Birthday April, you're one very special daughter.

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