Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Mac and I are both huge fans of baseball. We subscribe to MLB Extra Innings and watch a dozen games a week. When we travel in the States we always try to take in a game. We've seen the Cubbies play in Chicago, the Yankees in the old stadium, the Orioles at Camden Yard, the San Diego Padres in their old stadium, likewise the Oakland A's and the San Francisco Giants, as well as the Anaheim Angels. We use to drive to Atlanta to see the Braves when we lived in Augusta, Georgia. We've even gone down to Florida to catch the Braves during Spring Training. My point is we REALLY like baseball.
The problem we're having is with baseball announcers and color men. They use to call the games, explaining what's going on, point out things you might have missed. But those days are gone. Now the announcers think they're the game, they're what's important. They go on and on and just ignore the game.
Atlanta use to have great announcers when Skip Carey and Don Sutton were there. Now they have Joe Simpson, who isn't bad and Boog (somebody) who is horrible! We frequently turn the sound off
The same thing has happened to the All Star Game. It use to be a fun game, you'd see players you didn't normally get to see, they'd bring in some of the oldsters. It was great. Not any more, there is so much talking the game is totally irrelevant. We watched last night, sort of. Mac had gone out of the room at one point and came back to ask what was going on, I said,"Who knows?", and really who cares.
Same thing with the Home Run Derby. A few years ago when Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire were in it we loved watching. Now you've got 3 rounds, your own pitcher, 10 outs, 92 announcers talking to whatever player they've decided is "hot" and women talking to players as if they had a clue as to what the hell they're talking about.
They say that baseball is losing popularity because it's too slow. That's not true, it's not slow, it's just that the announcer make it feel slow.

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