Thursday, July 9, 2009


I started painting back in the 90's. In the beginning I did water colors, actually took a class. It didn't really teach me how to paint, but it did teach me how to paint without using all of my paints up. I'd been water coloring as if I were oil painting! I did loads of paintings in England, manor houses, castles, ruins . It's fun to paint "on location" and that's much easier to do with water colors than oils.
Then a few years ago Mac convinced me to try oil painting. I really enjoy it, though my style is very different than his. He loves painting large paintings, the larger the better, while I like doing small paintings. He's very economical with his paints and I throw mine on knee deep.
He can pretty much paint anything, including people. I do better with landscapes and ocean scenes. Though I have done one portrait. While at the National Gallery in DC I commented to my daughter that she looked very much like a small Rembrandt painting. When I got home I did a copy of the painting (with some help from Mac) and it does looks like her.
Today I tried to finish up a couple of my paintings. The Lighthouse at Tybee Island and the Altamaha River at Darien.

And Mac has finished repainting a dog he's been working on for a client. If you read an earlier blog I wrote about the dog and his ruff, and how the ruff wasn't right, but was what the client had asked for, but then changed his mind and wanted the ruff changed. Well today the painting is being picked up. And glory be ... he liked the changes and paid Mac extra.

I've also done a number of drawings. We'll probably be going to England next year and I hope to do more.

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