Monday, July 13, 2009

Ima Needs

It's Monday and I'm having an Ima Needs kind of day so here goes:

Ima Needs whoever the h*ll is in charge of humidity to take a break. The weather has been gorgeous and today I about had a stoke in the garden.

Ima Needs the weeds in her garden to die!
I don't mind weeding, it's nice mindless work, but all the rain we've had has caused a weed riot.

Ima Needs the Green Revolution to shut up for awhile.
I'm "aware" of my carbon footprint (which is a h*ll of a lot smaller than Al Gore's), and I do my bit by buying locally and driving a small car, but if those driving SUVs and Hummers think I'm going to live "greener" (give up my car and house air conditioning for example) so they won't have to deal with global warming they're nuts.

Ima Needs her cat to quit going around acting like a martyr just because I won't run the air conditioning 24/7.
It's not my fault she chooses to wear a fur coat in the summer, I've offered her a fan.

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