Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Local Flora and Fauna

Saw an interesting picture today. It seems an 11 foot (Yes!I said 11 foot) alligator that swam up the Cape Fear River and ended up in a drainage channel in a parking lot on Wilmington Island ( that's over in Savannah). The man they called to remove it said that it was the biggest alligator he'd seen and as for age he thought it might be as old as he was, which was 73. They were removing the alligator to another river about 50 miles away. They said that if they didn't move it a fair distance it would just end up back in the drainage channel.
When we first moved to Georgia we thought we'd have to go to the Okefenokee Swamp in order to see alligators. As it turned out all we had to do was go out in our backyard. The first year we were here there was a small one swimming in the lagoon, it was really exciting, we fed him along with the turtles. That was until he tried to kill one of the turtles, and we found out that it was against both state and federal law to feed alligators ( it makes the alligators think they can get food from anyone and that makes them more aggressive towards humans).
So we don't feed alligators any more, and in fact we called to have the 7 footer who moved in a couple of years ago removed. Trapper Jack came, baited up a hook with a deer lung (so it would float) and they pulled him in about midnight, trussed him up and carried him off.
This summer another small alligator has moved in and cruises the lagoon, one day he decided to sunbathe in our backyard! Not a good idea. So now you know why I garden, I like flora, not the fauna down here.

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