Monday, July 20, 2009

Hot 'Lanta

Back from our trip to Atlanta. Had a great weekend. The drive up was easy, we made it in under 4 hours. The hotel I'd made reservations at turned out to be good (you never know), clean room, free WiFi in every room, free shuttle to the airport (where we could catch MARTA into town) and free breakfast every day.
We got 3 day Marta passes for $11 and rode everywhere on it.
The first morning we picked our daughter April up at the airport, got checked in, took MARTA to the High Art Museum where we had tickets. Nice museum, not New York City or Chicago, but nice. They were having a special exhibit of Monet's paintings of water lilies, the paintings were huge. We had a quick lunch at the Museum, April having a spinach salad and Mac and I sharing a chicken and brie sandwich. Topped off with a Birthday cupcake for April and a chocolate brownie for me.
From the museum we made our way to Turner Field to see the Braves play the Mets. It was a special evening because they we retiring Greg Maddux's number, he was a truly great Braves pitcher, earning 3 Cy Young Awards while playing there. It was hot till the sun went down, but we had great seats and really enjoyed the game, final score Braves 11 and the Mets 0.
I had brought a hat with me but forgot to bring it to the game and had to buy a "cheap" Braves hat. We laughingly say the most expensive meal we had was at the Braves game. Among other things I bought 2 dishes (plastic minature Brave's caps) with ice cream in them that cost $18.
Back at our hotel we tumbled into our beds too tired to even talk.
Saturday we went to the Georgia Aquarium. We walked down through Centennial Park to get there, nice walk, not too many people, and the weather was surprisingly cool with low humidity. It felt more like Spring than July. There were crowds at the Aquarium, but we had our tickets already and got in quickly. But it was so crowded inside at times it was hard to see. Loved the tanks over our heads with fish swimming. But we all agreed that our favorite exhibit was the Jelly Fish.
Also really enjoyed "petting" the shrimp.

After the Aquarium we ate lunch at the Durango Steak House. It was serious carnivore time. Steak sandwiches, prime rib sandwiches, meat, meat meat!
From there it was back on MARTA to the Art Center area in search of a movie theatre. We had kind of gotten directions and we were hopeful of finding one so we could see the new Harry Potter Movie. Off the train we just started walking and way off in the distance I spotted what looked like a movie theatre. Everyone laughed at me because of course I'm the blind member of the family. But as things turned out it was a theater over in Atlanta Junction a rather upscale shopping zone, just full of people. Theatre was nice, movie was good, but not great.
Had coffee and a slice of fruit pie/cake, at one of the cafes before heading back to our hotel. Turned out that MARTA runs a shuttle bus over to Atlanta Junction but we walked both ways. Made up for the eating.
Sunday morning we went to Five Points in Atlanta and walked at Underground Atlanta a shopping zone under the streets of modern Atlanta that has buildings from old Atlanta. We ate at an Irish Pub there and then it was time to get April to the airport.
We dropped her there around 2:30 and we headed home. Of course she was home before we were.
All in all a great trip. I'd like to see the Aquarium again, but with fewer people. Next time I'd like to see the Botanical Gardens and the Zoo.
If April doesn't get a Consular job and leave the country we're going to do her birthday in Chicago next year. If she gets a Consular job I guess we'll be doing it in whatever Godforsaken country they send her to.


  1. Glad you had a good time. I really like the aquarium when it's not crowded! Have you been to the Columbia zoo? It's a great one.
    Please start making your pics bigger!! I can't see your faces...I'm the blind one in this house and my glasses don't hardly help at all! haha

  2. If you click on the pictures they get bigger.


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