Monday, April 1, 2013


Spent Easter in DC with our daughter, had great weather.  The cherry blossoms weren't out as they're having a late spring too.  But they did have kite flying on the Mall, saw some incredible kites.  Then we  went to the National Gallery to visit the Pre-Raphaelite painting exhibit.  Mac says he feels humble now, I just feel incompetent.
The Pre-Raphaelites included:
And most of these were represented at the exhibit as was Ford Mattox Brown.
We all agreed that John Everett Malais was our favorite.
I would have loved to have taken photos, but when I asked if it was allowed the room's docent said no because the paintings were on loan from the Tate (London) and they'd asked that there be no photos.  Too bad others didn't check for many were taking pictures.  I borrowed mine from the Net.
The purple in this painting just glowed!
We also ducked into an exhibit of Albrecht Durer drawings and engravings, but it was so crowded we didn't linger.
No matter how many times we visit the Smithsonian Museums there's always something new to see.
On the Mall outside the museums it was the annual kite flying festival, hard to see the kites, but there were some fantastic one.
All in all a great weekend.

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