Friday, April 19, 2013

New Purse

I've been carrying my backpack purse forever, I'm not very stylish, and I began to worry that I was going to wear it out and I need it for when we travel.  So while shopping the other day I gave the purse aisle a look and found this one that's not quite as big as I like, but I refuse to carry what look  like oversized messenger bags and that's what most people seem to be carrying.  Nor am I attracted to the neon sacks that are posing as purses these days.
Last year I was all into polka dots, this year I think I prefer little checks.


  1. It's very cute! I tend to use the same bag until it wears out, and always despair of finding another that I like as well (but I always do).

  2. Very nice but too big for me - I like smallishbags and like Mrs Micawber tend to stick to the same one most of the time.


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