Tuesday, April 16, 2013

In Times of Sorrow

I feel so sorry for my country, this use to be a wonderful place to live.  Neighbors knew each other and watched out for one another.  Doors were left unlocked.  Children played in the streets.  Families ate together.
The country of my childhood it no more.
Whether it was a foreign national or a home grown loony we're once again reminded of how unhappy people are, of  their need to spread hatred and fear.
I sat in my garden yesterday and though it soothes me it doesn't heal.  Is there a way to heal a country?  Is there a way to bring people together?  I thought after 9/11 we had a chance, but it slipped by, we're more divided, more angry, more fearful than ever.
It's too sad for words, how many times are the scenes on my tv to be repeated?


  1. It's so terribly sad, but I don't think it's only your country, it's the way of the world now, sadly.

  2. It was such a terrible thing. I keep seeing the photo of that little boy. Such a totally senseless act of violence.

  3. What a shocking end to what had been a happy day. It's sad that there are so many angry, jealous and violent people around - Jo is right, it isn't just the USA but everywhere.


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