Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Notes to the Traveling Public

For the most part we had a good traveling experience this trip, except Delta, yes you, who say we're Medallion Class Travelers and you want to make our flying experience memorable, who got us into Atlanta late, and no I don't blame you for weather delays, but I do blame you for landing us at the for end of one terminal when our flight was at the far end of another one, for not letting our connecting fly know we were hurrying as fast as we could to get to our gate, for not getting us a cart and whisking us there, for shutting the doors to our flight 10 minutes before departure and refusing to let us board even though the plane was just sitting there, or your gate agent who had to be found and seemed rather indifferent to the whole problem and for the agent who rebooked us (thank you for that) for the next available flight and put us in seat 13 E and F---gee, wonder why they were available at the last minute.
I guess I shouldn't be too upset with Delta because there was another factor at work last night too.  Most flights  move away from the gate on time nowadays instead of waiting for passengers they know are on the way.  You know why?  Because Congress decided to help the weary traveler and start fining airlines that don't leave on time so airlines don't wait for you any more, thank you Congress, I guess it's you I should be railing against instead of Delta, so you can have a Boo, Hiss too.
Now a few other notes:
•  Our compliments to all the children, and their parents,  we flew with this weekend you were wonderful.  We heard not one crying or whining child, it was amazing.
•  To all the men who wear sandals, your hairy toes are gross and there was no where we were where the weather justified sandals anyway.
Had a great trip overall, but boy it's good to be home.


  1. Glad you are home safe again. Arriving home may just be the best part of any journey. Right?

  2. Great post. :)

    Not sure how I feel about the waiting for passengers thing - on the one hand it's nice for flights to leave on time, but on the other they can certainly make it up in the air, can't they?

    Gotta love flying.


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