Friday, April 5, 2013

Rainy Friday

It's been raining here since Thursday morning, not hard, but fairly steady.  Guess we're going to have a wet spring after having a wet winter.  Still much too cool here, barely in the 50's today, should be in the upper 70's.  I need to work in the yard, but the ground is way too wet.
We both had our 6 month, 60,000 mile check-ups yesterday and we're in pretty good shape for two old folks.
I got a little sewing done today, making new pillow covers  for the white bedroom. I put a green cover on the window seat when we first moved in, but I've been tired of it for quite awhile.  It matched the cream/ green with magnolias cover I had on the daybed, but I got tired of that too.  I flipped the cover over so only the cream shows and now I've covered the cushion in the window seat  with a bright pink cover, looks almost red.  Next I made new covers for the pillows I put there.  I bought some antique crochet trim (it has hearts) to go on the pillows, but found I didn't have enough for both covers  and ended up putting some eyelet on one of them.
I've taken all the stuffed animals out of the window, usually the whole window seat is covered with them.  When Miss Kitty naps there it's hard to pick her out from the stuffed critters.  It's kind of like ET in the closet with all the toys. So they're banished for a while  I'm sure they'll start creeping back in soon.
They're promising sunshine for the weekend so maybe I'll get to play in the yard.

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  1. Funny comment about ET and the toys in the closet... :)


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