Friday, April 26, 2013

Piano Tuning

My piano tuner came today, it takes about an hour to get it to sound like I haven't been hammering on it for a year.  As we sat in the other room Mac commented that it sounded, literally, like a rather boring job.  I said that at $100 an hour it was pretty lucrative though.
Miss Kitty hates to hear the piano being tuned.  Though she enjoys my playing and has been known to pick out a few notes herself she becomes quite "bat-earred" when it's tuned.  She'd probably pay him not to do it.


  1. This picture has me completely cracked up!! I have had days where I felt JUST LIKE that.

  2. Yes, I guess it sounds different to her! I wonder what dogs think of it. THey probably just howl along! :D

  3. Ha Ha - I guess cats hear on different frequencies to us - ours hate the vacuum cleaner more than anything - well only one still runs away from it the other is so deaf she doesn't hear it anymore:)


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