Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Thoughts on Talking

I'm still reading The Kinta Years by Janice Holt Giles and I'm enjoying the parts about her first year of school.  She said she liked school and only got switched once, for whispering across the aisle.
 I sympathize, I was always in trouble for talking at school.  I was a fairly quick learner and generally finished my work long before my classmates and so it was time to talk and I did, frequently getting in trouble for it.  I guess I was lucky that they no longer "switched" you for that or I would have frequently been punished.
The author said that she earned good scores (the grades were numeric) in everything but Deportment, that was the whispering.  As late as my Sophomore year in high school a teacher wrote on my Report Card,  "Talks too much!", to which my Father responded, "Stop her!", to which my teacher next replied,"Only one man, need an army!".  I still have the Report Card, good for a laugh now and then, and yes, I still talk too much.


  1. One of my favourite memories of high school is getting into a prolonged fit of the giggles with my best friend in French class. The teacher was a very nice guy, and only the fact that I was his star pupil kept him from blowing us up as he might have another pair of students. But his head turned bright red (he was bald) with what we could only suppose to be suppressed anger or frustration.... Very kind of him to issue us only a mild rebuke!

    The book sounds interesting - will have to check it out.

  2. I would not say boo to a goose when I was at school!
    I laughed at the comment in your report!


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