Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Southern Living

I don't take many magazines anymore, in fact I only take one: Southern Living.  All its articles, pictures, recipes are about the South, from Maryland to Texas and all the places in between.  That's where we live so I love reading about this part of the country.  It helps us plan trips, gives good gardening tips and has the best recipes anywhere.  One year for our daughter's birthday I made a Key Lime Pie for her based on their recipes.
But more than anything else I love the pictures.  A couple of months ago they had a pictorial on growing lettuces in containers.  One of the pictures really caught my eye and I knew I had to paint it.  Finished it yesterday and it's upstairs drying so we can frame it and hang it.  Have to put it some where in the kitchen.

My Painting


  1. A beautiful painting. Strong vibrant colours. It must be difficult to paint lettuce leaves and you have done it so well. It reminds me of summer and sunshine. Well done!

  2. There is a Midwest Living magazine, but somehow it lacks the charm and panache of Southern Living.

    What a lovely painting - I can see why you wanted to capture that image.

  3. I like Southern Living too and often buy a copy when in the US - I've always liked the ethos of life in the South. Looks as though I may be experiencing it for a while at the end of this year - my daughter and I are making plans to visit Savannah and New Orleans in early November. Hope this is not a mistake weatherwise but J can't do it any earlier because of Uni work and exams.

  4. November is a good month, though around Thanksgiving it can be a bit chilly. Would love to see you while you're here, perhaps we can show you around Savannah.

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