Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Masters

We're not golfers, but we do enjoy watching it played, the courses are gorgeous, and none more so than the Augusta Golf Course where the Masters is played.  It started Thursday and in homage to that Mac resurrected our putting green, planted some new rye grass, relined it with pea gravel and made a Duffer to hold the hole flag and sort of protect our satellite dish.
We played 6 holes today with our own strange set of guidelines and I won by a stroke, that won't happen again.
What I feared when we had such a long winter, even though it could only be considered cold by a thin-blooded southerner, seems to be happening.  We're going from winter to summer, giving spring a miss altogether.  Yesterday it was 88 here and though it's a bit cooler today it definitely feels more like summer than spring.


  1. My husband and son are glued to the TV as I type - neither of them play but they love to watch.

    Love your mini-masters!

  2. Your course looks like great fun!

    Our "spring" was rather like that last year. This year is much more normal - cold, still snowing (though it melts off pretty quickly), and rain. But we need it.

  3. How fun! You have a handy hubby.

  4. How cute! My husband would love this :)


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