Thursday, April 18, 2013

When You Live Next to a Lagoon

When you live next to a lagoon here in the south you never know what you might find on your doorstep.  I opened the front door and found a snake on our welcome mat one time, but I guess we're luckier than the lady who lives in Hilton Head, South Carolina.  She opened her front door yesterday morning about 5 am to take her dog out for its morning walk and found a 12 foot alligator on her front porch.
Security in their gated community were unable to lure it back into the lagoon next to the house and professional animal wranglers had to be called in .  At first, figuring the home owner had exaggerated about the size of the animal, all alligators look huge to nonprofessional alligator folks,  they only sent one man.  They ended up having  to send for more help because the gator was about 12 feet long and weighed more than a 1,000 pounds.
Some gators get relocated away from urban areas, but this one was too big and too aggressive, he was put down.
Right now we have 2 gators living in our lagoon, one about 4 feet long and the other about 7 feet.  Probably time for the bigger one to be removed, certainly don't want to find him sunbathing on our back deck.

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  1. I have to say that I'd be a bit taken aback if I opened my front door to find an alligator sitting there. Bet she closed it again pretty swiftly:)


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