Sunday, July 3, 2011

Painting Update

Mac has been busy painting two paintings to go with the painting he did from Rosie's Blog, it's a big painting and the two he's doing now are smaller and will be companion pieces.    He's working with 4 pictures from Rowan's Circle of the Year Blog.   He's combining the first two pictures to make one of the paintings and he's adding a dog.  

The lady and the boy have been added to the other picture

Then he's combining the next two pictures to make the other painting.  When they're done they'll hang on each side of the bigger painting he's already finished.


  1. How exciting to see these paintings progressing, I'd been wondering whether Mac was still working on them I reall like the idea of combining two photos and adding a dog especially the first two, it will really bring the Great Hall to life.

  2. Wow that looks interesting. I didn't know your husband was a painter!

  3. He's been painting for years, self taught, and quite good if I do say so myself.

  4. This kind of talent always amazes me, as does the speed with which such a project advances. I can imagine months to finish a small painting.

  5. I got hungry just looking at that ( the smell of baked potatoes in my kitchen might have helped ) .
    Looks marvellous !


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