Thursday, July 28, 2011

Why, Why, Why?

I don't like sewing on buttons, never have, never will.  I've been known to give away blouses in need of a new button or wear a sweater over it so the missing button won't show or if the missing button is low down, just tuck it in unbuttoned..  I know that sewing on a button is easy, it's just one of those jobs I always try to avoid.  I'd rather clean toilets than sew on buttons.
That being said,  explain to me,  because I can't figure it out myself,  why I decided to sew buttons on the little "quilt" I'm making.
It's my own design,  it didn't have to have buttons.  I picked the fabric, the colors, the layout.  But  while looking at it one day I decided that it needed buttons in the corner of each outer square, and even worse, I decided that each inner square needed a button in each corner.  So that's  9 squares each needing 8 buttons, adding up to 72 buttons.  It's been horrible, I've sewn them on a few at a time, frequently with help from my cat.  I don't sew with a thimble so my fingers are now full of needle holes and there are still 4 more buttons to sew.  This has taken months because, as I said earlier, I hate to sew on buttons!  I'm guessing that some sewing machines will sew on buttons but I don't think mine does and I can't find the owner's manuel to check on that.
I thought I'd finish it today but the cat insisted that her laying wherever I wanted to sew would help me get it done in no time.  Could have thrown her out but I hate doing that, so I left if unfinished, again.  I'd like to finish sometime soon as I also have a summer dress almost done and I'd like to get it done before summer is over.  Good thing I read the last of the instructions on that because the cat tore those up yesterday.  Are we having fun yet?


  1. Thought i recognized those 'flower fairy' panels. At the quilt shop where I worked in WY we 'shop girls' put some of them together as a quilt to welcome the owner's second grandchild.

    I don't mind doing buttons--as long as I can find the right ones and there aren't dozens to sew on at once.
    I chuckled remembering a dear cat of yester-year who loved to shred paper patterns.
    Cats are terribly helpful creatures.

  2. It looks really good with the buttons though! ;)


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