Thursday, July 21, 2011

Return to the Past

I've nearly always had a dryer to do my laundry in, except for a brief period when Mac was drafted into the Army and we were in Georgia living in a trailer and again when we we living in Texas.  There I hung the clothes outside and actually managed to freeze some of it one time.  But I digress,  I liked having a dryer, it fluffed my clothes, dried things fairly quickly and it was sitting right next to the washer which really made things easy.  But we have an all electric house and I try to watch our energy use which means that when I run the dryer I won't use the air conditioner, the same is true when using the oven.  I can't see trying to cool the place when I'm heating it up with the dryer.
Summers in Georgia are always hot, that's a given, so I got to thinking, something I actually take the time to do from time to time, why am I wasting electricity to heat up a dryer to dry my clothes when it's already near 100 outside.  So we decided to put up a clothes line.  If I looked in our subdivision covenants I'd probably find that we're not allowed to do that, they ban everything else, so I didn't check, we just put it up. No one can see our backyard so I can dry my clothes in privacy.  It's lovely to see the clothes fluttering in the light breeze.  Mac says that when he looks at it he sees dollar bills fluttering, the money we're saving by not using the dryer.  We're feeling very smug.


  1. I've always found it quite incredible that many areas in the US actually ban outdoor clothes lines!! I've always used a clothesline to dry my washing, I have a tumbledryer that I use mostly in winter or if we have prolonged wet weather but I much prefer the fresh smell of air dried laundry. No need to buy 'fresh air' smells for the dryer when you have the real thing!

  2. My sister in law always hangs out her laundry, even in winter. But then she's thrifty. We use the dryer, b/c we're lazy.

    Btw, love your new car. We bought ours last year thru Costco, got a good price and found it to be a no-hassle experience.

  3. Thanks for your comment - managed to restore photos. Ah, if only there was enough regular sunshine in London I would do just that with my washing.


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