Tuesday, July 26, 2011

They Always Come in Threes

Bad things, troublesome things, annoying things  always come in 3's.  First our tv died, then our car died and then today my new gtablet and the riding lawnmower were both bidding to be number 3.
 My gtablet stopped syncing with Kindle so I had to delete  Kindle and reinstall it,  which it didn't want to do.  Additionally it kept telling me I wasn't connected to the internet when it was very obvious ( I was all over the net) that I was,  and further it kept telling me that the sites I was visiting weren't secure,  Well I was visiting normal sites, CNN, Amazon, Your Yahoo and they're as secure as they ever were.
The lawn mower in spite of having a new battery wouldn't start, just kind of coughed at us, and the grass was literally knee high. Who was going to be number 3?
 I called tech support for my tablet, left a message because of course no one ever answers their phone, but a short while later  a kindly young man called back , all tech support sounds about 12, walked me through a few simple steps, had my Kindle reinstalled in no time, stopped the pop up messages that had been so annoying  and got the correct date and time set, they had been set correctly before  but  had decided to change themselves.  So I now have my Kindle, the books I'd archived and the book I was reading and all within 5 minutes, I must say tech support was excellent.
As for the lawn mower, we pushed it around to the front  by the garage , jumped it with Mac's car and I managed to mow the lawn, but it wouldn't start up again after I'd finished.  It's beginning to look an awful lot like  the lawn mower is going to be number 3, but  I'm not in the market for a new lawn mower, they're over-priced under the best of circumstances,  so instead I might start looking for a hungry goat.

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