Thursday, July 7, 2011

Knees and Stairs

Front Stairs
Every where you go in our house there are stairs to negotiate.  Our house is built on a flood plain and under the newer zoning laws the main living area had to be built 12-14 feet above the ground.  So there are 11 steps up to the front door and from the garage up to the back entry and from the back yard there are steps up to the 2 decks.  Then once you're inside there are 14 stairs to the upstairs part of the house.
That means that every time we buy something it has to be carried upstairs.  And this is particularly true of groceries, we do our main shopping once a month, supplemented with fresh veggies as needed.  But that means there are bags and bag of groceries to be hauled upstairs.  On good days I'm only up and down the stairs a few times, but when my memory lets me down and I forget things, and we all know that doesn't happen very often, then I'm up and down them more times than I an count.
We're in pretty good shape for our age, although  my knees would disagree with that statement. They creak and moan and tell me they're not climbing any more stairs.  They want to know why we didn't buy a single story house like we meant to.    I worry that eventually we won't be able to deal with the stairs,  it's one thing to go up and down them empty-handed, carrying things up them is another story.

Garage Stairs

Inside Stairs

My knees complain, but who knows, maybe going up and down stairs is good for them, so perhaps  I need to sit down and have a talk with them about it.  Can anyone remember the old Alka Seltzer commercial where the man sat down to have a talk with his stomach?  LOL


  1. A certain amount of exercise is probably good as long as you're able to, but that does look like a lot of stairs. I used to live in an apartment on the third floor without elevator, narrow spiral stairs... my problem is not the knees but my neck and shoulder, I can't carry anything with my right arm. I feel "safer" since I moved to where I live now, not only is there an elevator, but the stairs are better too.

  2. I'm sure that those stairs are keeping you young!

  3. Of all the issues I thought might appear with advancing age, I never gave thought to my KNEES.
    They snap and ache--especially during garden season.
    Our one set of stairs takes us to the basement laundry and the new family room. There are days when I wonder what the years will bring--elevator, anyone?

  4. We have more bathrooms than we need and we've talked about having an elevator put in the garage and coming up and having the opening in the then former bathroom.

  5. Yes , my knees started creaking when I was 35 , for Heaven's sake , and certainly haven't got any more flexible in the last thirty years .
    How about one of those dumb waiter things so beloved by old fashioned establishments ? It has to be cheaper than putting a lift in !

  6. Stairs are a good thing - exercise for the muscles and the cardio vascular system. There's an old saying - use it or lose it so keep on struggling up those steps:)

  7. Know what you mean about stairs and aching knees but as Rowan says it is good exercise. You do seem to have a lot of steps though:)


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