Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Names Will Be Named

About  18 months ago after we painted our upstairs family room and put down a wooden floor, we decided it was time to replace our old boat anchor tv, a Samsung, with a flat screen tv.  So after reading a number of reviews we went with one of the new guys on the block, Vizio.  When we bought another larger Vizio  we moved the first one downstairs.  Sunday the Vizio died, with little advance notice.  And the Samsung we gave away is still going strong, as is the JVC that we also gave away.
Before buying a replacement tv  I went on-line to see if other Vizio owners had suffered the same fate.  Instead of just reading reviews I typed in "complaints about Vizio" on Google (don't you just love Google) and found that there were numerous complaints just like ours, in fact some Vizios barely lasted 6 months.
So I did a lot of reading Sunday, looking for a tv that would fit in our  armoire which meant a 37 inch tv. Unfortunately there are few tvs in this size, Vizio seems to dominate.  Most tvs were 32 inch which it too small for the room or 40 inches and bigger which is too big for the armoire.  But after much reading we decided on either a Samsung or a Sanyo, and with this in mind we headed out to WallyWorld.  It quickly became apparent that we wouldn't be able to get a 37 inch  tv so we decided to ditch the armoire, it was huge, 7 feet tall, and instead move in the large antique blanket box we'd shipped back from England  a few years ago and put the tv on that.
So we bought a 40 in Samsung and brought it home.  All we had to do was empty the armoire, it had a million cds in the bottom of it and part of my Victorian glass jug collection in the top of it, slide a towel under it so we could move it (it's solid oak and weighs a ton), and then carry in the blanket box.   All was accomplished.  Goodwill is coming to pick the armoire up tomorrow and the only problem we have now is that we need to lower the paintings that were hanging above the armoire, they're much too high now.

And here's hoping that the Samsung lasts a long, long time and that the Vizio upstairs  (it's 6 months old) doesn't decide it needs to die too.

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  1. Isn't it typical , solve one problem ,create 2 more


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