Wednesday, July 13, 2011


We have been painting the spare bedroom our daughter uses when she visits since Sunday.  Is it that big you ask?  No, not big at all, it just didn't want to be painted.  First problem was that the roller I was trying to use wouldn't stay on its frame, it kept sliding off, Mac tried several fixes and finally got another one to kind of work, but then it didn't want to roll, seeing as its only purpose in life is to roll  I was a bit surprised by this, so painting took forever.
 The plan was to paint 3 walls in a buttery white and then the wall behind the bed would be painted a sort of teal blue.  There was only 1 long wall to be painted white and I started on that while Mac did the cutting in trim.  Other than fighting with the roller it was going along ok when Mac said we weren't going to have enough paint.  Now I'll grant you it wasn't a full gallon, but all we'd painted with it were two not very big walls in the bathrooms, there should have been plenty of paint, but there wasn't.  So Mac mixed in some whiter paint we had, but there wasn't going to be enough of that either.  We ended up mixing all the white paint we had around and repainting the 3 walls.  Yesterday Mac finished the trim and I did the blue wall.  Touch-ups were done today and all the furniture was put back.  The picture makes the accent wall look lighter than it is, it's really a deeper teal.  I liked it so much I talked Mac into repainting the one bathroom wall which we'd already painted a light blue.  Now it looks like that bathroom goes with this bedroom.  No more painting till summer is over, even with air conditioning it's just too hot!

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  1. It looks really nice so all the ups and downs and hard work were worth it:)


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