Friday, July 8, 2011

A Garden Just Hanging On

I love to garden, but can no longer deal with the heat of summer, a season I use to love.  Most of my gardening is done in the spring and fall.  In between I dash out in the morning and pull a few weeds and hope it will rain a little so I won't have to water.  You would think with the drought we're having this year that weeds wouldn't be a problem, but they are, they don't seem to need water, they just keep on growing.
Some of my plants (honeysuckle and lantana) have grown too big for my raised beds, I put them in when the beds were empty, so this fall they will be transplanted.  I'm ordering some David Austin roses to put in their place.  He has some that have been developed for our humid southern climate.
Day lillies are not my favorite flowers, but they do so well down here and need virtually no care so I have a bunch of them.

Out front I have a blue Plumbago and it's done so well I think I'll probably add another one to the garden. I really appreciate flowers and plants that can take care of themselves.  Mac prunes and I deadhead and weed, but I don't want tempermental plants that need constant care.


  1. Funny how the garden languishes in heat and drought but weeds always seem to flourish!

  2. Our second year of gardening in the south and still much to learn.


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