Friday, July 15, 2011

Georgia Wildlife

Georgia is abundant with wildlife and one of the critters we don't see very often is the Squareback Marsh Crab a small crab that lives in our salt marshes.  Our housing area backs up to the salt marsh and that is their natural habitat, but once in awhile you'll see one scuttling across the street.  I thought it was a fiddler crab when we first saw one, but we looked it up and discovered what it really was.  They live on vegetation and insects in the marsh and never stray too far from it.  But a nice treat when we get to see one.

A less welcome treat are the alligators that inhabit our waters.  We live a "stone's throw" from the Ogeechee River, one of the largest in the area and I'm frequently reminded why I don't swim in natural bodies of water in Georgia.  About 8-10 miles from here on the Ogeechee the Dept. of Natural Resources (DNR) called in Trapper Jack to capture some alligators that had been spotted at King's Ferry a local park, boat launch and swimming area.  He captured 2 of the 3 sighted.  One was 12 feet long weighing more than 500 pounds and probably 30-40 years old, the other was a smaller 9 footer.  Another 9 footer got away.  He said that people were swimming less than 200 yards from where he captured the alligators.     There are signs saying swim at your own risk, but not warning people of the alligators.  When asked why the alligators were killed he said that anything over 6 feet is too dangerous to be relocated so they are killed.
Very near this spot on the river is Love"s Seafood a very popular local restaurant where you can dine outside near the river   They have alligator on the menu, but I'll bet most folks don't realize how close they might be to their dinner.


  1. I'm surprised that they don't warn of the possibility of alligators in the river - it would be a nasty shock to meet one of those in the water though presumably your feeling of shock wouldn't last very long and neither would you! I knew that there are alligators down in the Florida Everglades but didn't realise you had them in Georgia too.

  2. We knew they were in the Okefenokee swamp but didn't realize they were everywhere in southern Georgia.


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