Saturday, July 30, 2011

Late Night Mistakes and Advice For Warren Buffett

We went out dancing last night something we do every Friday night.  We know most of the bands and so we know who best fits our mood.  Last night, though it was a band we like, they started more than 20 minutes late, had to stop twice because of equipment malfunctions (they hadn't really done a sound check before starting----just beat on the drums loudly) and then ended the set early.  Needless to say we weren't happy, and then the intermission music was of a type that leaves us cold, youth orientated, profanity laced.  So we ended up coming home much sooner that we had anticipated, felt rather hungry and realized that some of the fast food places would still be open.  We immediately scratched MacDonalds off the list, though we like their small hamburger and love their fries because they won't serve the small one after 10 at night, and their big "honking" one is always dry and not really fit to eat.
So that left us with Dairy Queen and Hardees, with DQ, as Dairy Queen is now known, the closest, so we looked to see if it was still open, saw numerous people sitting outside eating and decided that even though it had been more than 20 years since we'd eaten at a DQ (they'd served us warm milk shakes on a very hot day) that we'd give it a try.  Went in, ordered single cheese burgers without cheese, one fry and one chocolate shake.   We drank the shake on the way home and wished we'd ordered 2 because it was good.  When we got home we discovered that instead of single hamburgers we'd gotten HUGE 2 patty Cheeseburgers, we were not happy.  We took the extra patty out, really can't eat that big a thing late at night, and ate the rest----it was awful, dry, unheated bun, tasteless, yuck.  The French Fries were about as bad, absolutely tasteless.  We looked at each other and said, what in the world were all those people we saw eating, sure hope it was milk shakes.  It will be at least 20 years before we return to a DQ.
As to Warren Buffett, while waiting for our food we'd read a poster about the history of DQ and found out that he, Warren Buffett millionaire investor,  through his investment company Berkshire Hathaway,  had bought DQ in the 1990's.  Well Mr. Buffett I realize you're considered one of our smartest businessmen, but my advice is to sell DQ, can't imagine anyone ever eating there twice!

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