Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I Have A New Car!

We leased a new Mazda 3, they made me an offer I couldn't refuse, so I didn't.
Having started the day  off at Honda, where we walked out on the salesman because he couldn't give us any numbers on the car we were looking at, we went on to Hyundai.  Didn't really want a Hyundai, bought one for our daughter once and it caught on fire, but thought we'd look anyway.  They had no small cars, no manuel shift cars and didn't really seem interested in helping me.  I'd heard that small cars were in such demand, because of gas prices, that car dealers were making no deals on them, and in fact were having a hard time keeping them on the lot.  Anyway, we left Hyundai and went to Ford.  The salesman was a bit more helpful, but they had no Fiestas, except for two way in the back of the lot and he wasn't even sure if they were for sale.  We walked back and though it was incredibly hot on the blacktop we made it to the cars.  They were both white, one hatchback, one sedan.  The salesman said they'd just come in from Alabama and that he didn't know when he'd have more, but they could check other dealers or "build" one for me in 5-6 weeks.
We left Ford and went to Mazda where Mac had bought his Miata last year.  I wanted a Mazda 2, but they offered me such an incredible deal on a Mazda 3, and the offer took less than 10 minutes to put together, that we accepted the offer.  Filled out the paperwork, signed away and home we went.  Mazda made it easy and I'm very pleased with the car.
The experience was less painful than I expected, but sure hope we're through getting new cars for awhile.


  1. Congratulations. It looks very nice! I never had a car of my own. But once upon a time on a holiday (back in the 90s, so ancient history) I rented a Mazda and it behaved very well during that trip ;) Hope that yours will too!

  2. This will be our 7th Mazda, we really like them.

  3. Very smart car! We're really pleased with our mini and buying that was a doddle. We had a lady salesperson so no guy with a load of flannel! Enjoy it.

  4. COngrats on your new car! Looks great :)I like the color,white always looks stylish and elegant.
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  5. And very nice too! I've driven VWs for years but have been a passenger in Mazdas and they are good cars.


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