Saturday, July 2, 2011

Seeking Dr. Who?

No this is not a Dalek, it's a portable room air conditioner.  We're setting all kinds of records here, today is the 44th day in a row with 90 or above temperatures, we'll break that record tomorrow.  There's no end in sight nor hope of cooler temperatures, and we won't even speak of the humidity.  Plus every  day in June topped 90 degrees  and that has never happened before.  So we're in for a long, hot, humid summer.  Which means lots of air conditioning.  Our house has central air conditioning, two units in fact, one for the lower floor and one for upstairs.  But unless we want to fund the national debt we can't run it all the time, and it makes little sense to cool a whole floor where some of the ceilings are 20 feet high when in fact we only want to cool the room we're in.
We have lots of fans including ceiling fans in every room but truthfully all they do is push hot air around so we went on-line and started looking at air conditioners and discovered that they have portable ones that you can wheel from room to room.  So we zipped over to Home Depot and bought one.   So far we've used it each night to cool our bedroom before we go to bed and it has done a nice job.  It's rather loud and you have to vent it out the window but it's quick and we're pleased.
I'm very much looking forward to our trip to England to escape some of this weather.  Summer sounds good in theory, and for a week or so it's fine, but it's only July 2 and it already feels like it's been here forever.


  1. I can't imagine those sorts of temperatures! How do you manage to maintain a garden? It must need constant watering or do you have a hosepipe ban?

  2. We can water in the mornings, and we did get one good rain last week, but my garden is absolutely full of weeds--obviously they don't need much water, and it's way to hot to sit out there weeding. I dash out in the morning before we walk can try to pull some, but I'm embarrassed at how badly things look.

  3. Great idea to get an air conditioner that you can move around. I would have expired by now in all that heat and humidity, when I read about all the extreme weather conditions around the world I'm really glad that I live in England! You'd love it here at the moment, the sun is outand the sky is blue but the morning air is just pleasantly warm:)

  4. A moving air conditioner sounds like a great idea! I don't think I could cope with such a humid heat - as Rowan says it is pleasantly warm here with just a gentle breeze - the gardens could do with a little more rain though:)

  5. I'm looking forward to the English weather when we were there last year everyone kept saying "sorry about the weather" and we say,"no, it's wonderful".


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