Thursday, July 14, 2011


Hungerford Antique Mall
How do you know when you've done too much antique shopping, well perhaps it's when an antique arcade 4,200 miles away "friends" you on Facebook.   The Hungerford Antique Arcade sent me a friend request on Facebook and of course I "friended" them.  I've spent many a happy hour, and dollar/pound there so of course I wanted to be friends with them.  Can't wait to visit them on our next trip.  They are one of my favorite antique shopping places.
My favorite though is the Stationmill in Chipping Norton, it had burned the weekend before we got there last year and was due to reopen in May of this year, so I'm  really looking forward to visiting it again.

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  1. I could do with a few such (local) "friends" in the next year or so - not for buying, but for selling, when we get that far in sorting out my father's estate. I doubt there is any single item worth lots of money but there are some we don't quite know the value of.


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