Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I was reading Patrick Rothfuss's Blog (he wrote The Name of the Wind--a great fantasy book) where he was talking about a dream he'd  had, pretty funny.  And it got me thinking about dreams.
Scientists think we all probably dream (though many people deny they do),  in color about 85% of the time, with older people more apt to dream in black and white and more women than men dreaming in color.  I'd read somewhere that people who grew up without much tv or black and white tv were those who were more apt to dream in black and white.
Mac says he doesn't remember his dreams much and those he does remember are usually in black and white. Recently he remembered one that featured a hermit crab that was partly a crawdad (a symbol for me perhaps?).
 I always dream in color and usually remember most of my dreams at least for a short while.  Recurring dreams for me include: the ability to fly--a very common dream, being out and about without my shoes (never naked, just no shoes), surviving after a nuclear attack (too many atomic bomb drills while in school---duck and cover), and finding a treasure. 
Different dream books interpret these dreams in different ways, I just enjoy them, other than the bomb ones.  When I got my first pair of glasses as a young child I wanted to sleep with them on.  When asked why I said," So I can see my dreams better."

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