Thursday, August 27, 2009

Live Oak Trees

One of the most beautiful features of living in our area are the Live Oak trees. Every where you go along the coast you see them.  The Live Oak is the state tree of Georgia and there's no wonder why, often covered in Spanish Moss they are magnificant.  Frequently growing 65-85 feet tall and living more than 200 years they are one of the wonders of Savannah.
There aren't any on our prop
erty but the neighborhood
 is full of them.
In the city of Richmond Hill there are a number of these majestic oaks and one of the finest stood near the Ace Hardware Store.  Stood that is until Saturday when we received our more than 4 inch drenching.  Lightning didn't hit it (though there was plenty of that) it was just that the ground was so drenched from the rain that day and all the previous week that the wind was able to split  it.  Only part of it is down so there hoping to saw  at least part of it and I'm hopeful too, I enjoyed seeing that tree each time we went to Ace.

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