Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fussy Eater

I did a survey on Facebook to list 5 foods I wouldn't eat and I realized that the hard part of the list was naming only 5, because I am such a fussy eater.  It would have been easier to list 5 things I'm willing to eat.  I've been this way since I was a kid.  My Mom use to make me eat whatever was on my plate, but that often took 3-4 hours so she stopped that, simply telling me that I didn't have to eat it but I couldn't have anything else to eat. 
As a child I wouldn't eat liver, cheese, fish, macaroni, anything in a cream sauce, milk  and for a long time strawberries.   Didn't like a lot of things my Mom  cooked but managed to eat them including all the meat that was always so well done it was like shoe leather----that's how my Dad liked his meat so that's how we all got it.  My Mom was a rather plain cook so it wasn't until I got older that I realized there were many more things I wouldn't eat.
When I met Mac he introduced to me to crab, rice, shrimp and calamari, none of which I would eat for years. As we traveled around the world I learned the word for chicken in about a dozen languages because I like chicken cooked about any way you can fix it.  You'd think being so fussy I wouldn't eat veggies, but I love veggies.  Right off hand I can't think of a single veggie I won't eat, with green peas and broccoli probably being my favorite.
Mac'll eat pretty much anything and when his Mother would come to visit she'd cook him a lot of the things I wouldn't.  As time went on I did learn to eat crab, shrimp, rice and calamari (if they're deep fried , otherwise they're too rubbery), but I still don't like liver, cream sauces, macaroni and cheese or milk.  I will eat a piece of cheese (swiss or monterey jack) but don't like cheese in or on things.  I've been known to order pizza with no cheese, there's just something about melted cheese that gross's me out.
I still don't  eat much fish, even though I know it's good for me.  If it's bland and doesn't taste fishy I'll eat it,  otherwise no.   I don't eat octopus, sushi, mussels, raw oysters, salmon, mahi-mahi or anything else in the fish family besides tuna and halibut.
I'm not crazy about Chinese food eitherbecause they're always trying to sneak weird things into it, but I love Italian, minus the cheese. 
There is no doubt that my favorite food is chocolate.  I've often said that I'd eat a '56 Chevy if it were covered in chocolate, I'd probably eat anything covered in chocolate.  Once had a dessert called "Death by Chocolate" and it was to die for.  Even ate chocolate covered ants once, but that's another story.

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