Monday, August 3, 2009

New Taxes?

Officials in the Obama administration are starting to talk about new taxes on the middle class (also known as Washington's favorite milk cow).
On Sunday Timothy Geitner, Secretary of the Treasury and Laurence Summers, Head of the President's National Economic Council, both refused to rule out raising taxes on the middle class, what a surprise.
They say it may be necessary inorder to reduce the deficit and to fund universal health care. So thems that got are gonna get taken, again.
I'm not really surprised that they would consider raising taxes, Democrats always raise taxes, what I'm surprised by is the timing of the mention of taxes. Congress is heading home for their Summer break and they're already going to get an earful about the health care being proposed, now they're going to hear about taxes.
When I first started voting at 21 I was a Republican, having been much influenced by my Father who was very vocal about his politics. My Mother was a Democrat, but never talked about politics much. I remained a Republican till Watergate and it was so stupid, yes I know politicians are stupid by nature, but it really offended me. So I became a Democrat and voted for Jimmy Carter , I'm embarrassed to say. I remained a Democrat all through the Reagan and first Bush years and was thrilled when Bill Clinton got elected. Voted for him twice, but by then I saw what liberal policies were doing to California (literally destroying it) and became a Republican again and voted for George Bush both times.
In the last election I held my nose and voted for McCain, but I was not happy. I felt that the selection of Sarah Palin was a slap in the face. I stood in that booth and almost wrote Hilary Clintion in, she really was the most qualified candidate.
The Republicans need to find a candidate under a 100 who knows what a Blackberry is and uses the Internet on a regular basis. I'm a moderate, I want policies that take care of the majority of the people, not worrying about the fringes. If they don't come up with a decent candidate I may just sit the next election out and that's something I've never done.

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