Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Keith Obermann

I don't usually listen to Keith Obermann, don't usually listen to any news commentator. When I retired, I retired. But I have been following the debate on health care, and like many people I'm not very happy with what's being proposed. I have questions, so I've been listening to a lot of the "Talking Heads" so I can get a rounded idea of what's going on. Of course Fox is totally against it, CNN is totally for it, the local news hardly covers it (Miley Cyrus is much more important), and network news is still acting as unofficial cheerleaders for Obama, so I "cruised" some of the other outlets like MSNBC and who do I find but Keith Obermann with all but steam coming out of his ears lambasting anyone who dares to question the need to change our health coverage in this country. He literally said that those being contentious at the Town Meetings were stupid. He didn't hint they were stupid he flat out said it. I'm tired of being talked down to by news people on each coast who think because I live in the South that I'm some sort of ignorant fool probably married to my cousin.
salon.com (a very liberal website) has a great article today titled "Are Liberals Seceding From Sanity?", the liberals are crazy to insult white southerners as a group. The article says that we aren't the ignorant rednecks the media loves to portray us as. It's all about how the media castigates white southerns for holding beliefs (against abortion, gay marriage etc) that a majority of African-Americans and Latinos also hold, but it's the white southerns who get called sick, racist, homophobic. I recommend the article and I don't recommend Keith Obermann, what a jerk!

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  1. He is a jerk. And what is really sad is that he is just trying to out-jerk Bill O'Reilly. What Oberman doesn't get is that O’Reilly is a lovable jerk.

    Plus, how sad is it that one's entire career is based on trying to out do your nemesis and never succeeding. Oberman has about a tenth of O’Rielly’s viewership.

    I enjoyed the post. I heard Patty laugh from down the hall, and I had to read it.



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